G.L.M. -
My latest music venture with old Lurkers originals Pete Stride and Nigel Moore. We've released an album and are currently working on our second, so check us out.

Flying the flag for free-thinking literature. PO Box 52849 London SW11 1SE Email:

Siobhan Curham -
Are you sick of formulaic 'chick lit', with tired plots involving two dimmensional characters who live in Notting Hill, work in PR, have a token gay friend and spend their lives drowning in a sea of chardonnay whilst they wait for Mr Right to throw them a lifeline? As a writer of commercial women's fiction Siobhan trie to offer something a little grittier - 'real' women (and men) dealing with real issues and above all taking control of their own lives.

Mining For Gold -
Johny Brown's Friday night radio show which I recently appeared on.

The Lurkers -
As you all know I played my last Lurkers gig in 1987, but my good friend Arturo has carried on with a different Lurkers line-up, and is still giging today, so check out the site.